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Project Horizon is the codename of the planned Adélie Linux installation system. It is designed to be "easy to use and highly scriptable". Unlike other Linux installers, Project Horizon will be internally maintainable, externally usable, and flexible to meet a wide variety of use cases.

For more information, see the Horizon software requirements specification.

Note: This documentation is meant for developers and those curious about how Horizon works under the bonnet. This documentation does not contain information about how to install Adélie Linux on your computer.


Project Horizon is divided in to multiple components, including a modular back-end and multiple front-ends.


The Horizon Base is the installation driver. It reads in a Horizon Script and processes it, performing the actions specified to install Adélie on the running computer. The current prototype is available on Git and written in Python 3.

Common Lib

The Common Lib is a library of routines that is shared between all front-ends. This library contains routines for programmatically detecting and configuring network interfaces, detecting disk topology and layout, and other sundries. The current prototype is written in C++.

Qt front-end

Qt 5 frontend prototype, 30 September 2016

The Qt front-end allows you to install Adélie Linux on a computer running Linux and X11, or create a Horizon Script file on any computer capable of running a Qt 5 program (including Windows, macOS, Solaris, and FreeBSD). It is available on Git and written in C++11.

CLI front-end

The CLI front-end allows you to install Adélie Linux on a computer running Linux from a tty. X11 is not required. It is in early planning stages and has not yet been written.