APK bugs

From Adélie Linux

This is a list of the bugs in APK that we have found.

Core package installation

  • apk cannot handle connection interruptions. It hangs forever. --everyone
truly, the solution is to always fetch first, similar to apt. never install directly from the network.

UI and solving

   adelie-live /etc # apk del llvm7-dev
   OK: 3906 MiB in 1019 packages
   adelie-live /etc # apk del llvm7
   World updated, but the following packages are not removed due to:
     llvm7: llvm7-dev
   OK: 3906 MiB in 1019 packages
  • The actual case above is that llvm-dev is provided by llvm7-dev. apk needs to tell the user when trying to delete a provider that it is provided by something else. --aranea
  • Packages deeper than a certain level (XXX determine the level) are not upgraded, even with apk upgrade -al. For instance, on a KDE system, libldap is never upgraded unless added to world, despite being listed in apk list -u. --awilfox bug patch
  • Similarly, for some reason APK loves to downgrade libvncserver to its lowest version despite there being no conflicts. Adding libvncserver to world makes it upgrade to current, but removing it from world and running apk upgrade -al downgrades it back two versions(!) with no reasonable explanation I can find. --awilfox
  • Replacing one provider with another causes file conflicts even though apk fix afterwards shows no issues. Example: adding 's6-linux-init !sysvinit'. --skarnet,others


  • apk cache sync doesn't work until apk update is run. --aranea