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Adélie Linux is a binary Linux distribution for a variety of computer architecture. We focus on the following unique goals, which we feel set us apart from other Linux distributions available.


Full POSIX® compliance

One of our primary goals is to create a Linux distribution that actually passes POSIX® certification. We aren't there yet, but we have made several strides in bringing full compliance to the Linux ecosystem:

Multi-architecture compatibility

Adélie Linux is one of the few Linux binary distributions that target non-x86_64 CPUs. You can view a full list of our supported platforms on our main Web site, or at the Platform Group's page on this wiki. We believe that hardware belongs to you, and that you should be free to do whatever you like with the hardware you own.

Flexibility over politics

We ship different init systems and desktop environments because we believe you should be able to make your own choices and decisions when using your computer. We provide the mechanisms, and you can make your own policies.

Installation routines that make sense

We are putting major effort into writing our own installer, code-named Project:Horizon, that will be just as flexible as our distro. Our goals for Horizon include fully scripted installations, a quick start mode for people new to Linux, and the ability to fully customise disk layouts and packages installed for those who know exactly what they want.