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Adélie Linux is a binary Linux distribution for a variety of computer architectures. We focus on the following goals, which we feel set us apart from other Linux distributions available.

Our mission statement is simple: We believe that all people, from all walks of life, with all types of computers, deserve the ability to run libre software and be free to accomplish whatever tasks they need to using interfaces designed for humans. To this end, we are working closely with musl, KDE, and other projects to bring this ideal to life.

POSIX compliance

One of our primary goals is to create a Linux distribution that actually passes POSIX® certification. We aren't there yet, but we have made several advances towards our dream of bringing full compliance to the Linux ecosystem:

Support for multiple architectures

In an era where many binary distributions are blowing away support even for 32-bit x86, we proudly support many architectures. We believe your hardware belongs to you, and that you should be free to do with it as you wish. And for so long as it's physically possible, we'll do all we can to help you with that. Currently supported architecures can be viewed at the Platform Group page.

Flexibility to accomodate user preferences

We ship and support multiple init systems and desktop environments because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone uses their computer differently, and we want to accomodate you all.

Sensible installation

Forget Anaconda, forget debian-installer, forget DrakX. We're creating a new installer, designed for the same flexibility as the rest of Adélie. We intend to facilitate:

  • Fully scripted installations, fire-and-forget
  • A "quick-start" for people who are new to Linux, providing sensible defaults and asking a few pertinent questions along the way
  • The ability to fully customise disk usage and package installation for the discriminating power user

More information

There is a lot of other information on this wiki.

  • You can see our release schedule and progress on the Roadmap.
  • You can view a list of all of our teams on the Project List.