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The Emulators team is tasked with bringing solid emulation solutions to Adélie Linux. Where the state of the art in emulation is decidedly less than solid (BasiliskII, for instance), we bring you the best possible experience.

Project members


  • minivmac (early Macintosh)
Status: ✓ 2018-03-24
Homepage: Gryphel Project
minivmac can be configured to emulate a wide variety of systems. At present, configurations for the Macintosh II and the Macintosh Plus have been tested to work on Adélie, and have no major issues. The build process involves a 68k Macintosh application, which we may in the future look to somehow replace.
Once minivmac is installed, ROMs can be installed simply by using the script:
curl | dash -
  • mednafen (multiple gaming consoles)
Status: needs build-testing; 2018-04-30
Homepage: Mednafen
mednafen emulates multiple game consoles, including the SNES and Sega Genesis.
We're also shipping the mednaffe frontend to make the experience more pleasant for the end-user.
  • dosbox (MS-DOS and PC-98)
Status: needs build-testing; 2018-05-16
Homepage: DOSBox-X
dosbox-x emulates MS-DOS compatible PCs, and the PC-98. We're shipping dosbox-x because the original dosbox has been unmaintained for years.