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This is the official list of projects (work groups) in the Adélie Linux distribution, including a short description.

Current projects


The BTS, or Bug Tracking System, is the Adélie Linux issue tracker. This project is responsible for its management.


The Emulators team are responsible for bringing various emulation software to Adélie, including emulation of other computer systems and of classic gaming systems. Because sometimes you just want your Linux box to actually be a Commodore 64.


Horizon is the installation system for Adélie Linux.

Project:Mirror Group

The Mirror Group is responsible for maintaining rsync infrastructure and stratum 1 mirrors. This group is also responsible for determining which stratum 2 mirrors are officially listed and maintaining documentation for stratum 2 mirror owners.


The Perl Team is the group in Adélie that is responsible for packaging and maintaining software written in Perl, and the Perl interpreter.

Project:Platform Group

The Platform Group is the group in Adélie that is responsible for determining what platforms and CPU architectures are officially supported (Tier 1). It is also the group that determines the compiler flags, toolchain version, and kernel versions to use per platform. Additionally, the Platform Group is responsible for maintaining the toolchain and easy-kernel packages.

Each architecture team is responsible for packages and tooling specific to their architecture:

Former projects


Project Harmony was the group in Adélie that was responsible for maintaining harmony with Alpine.