HOWTO:Install Adélie Linux on Scaleway ARM64

From Adélie Linux

Installation on a Scaleway ARM64 VPS is basically the same as HOWTO:Manually install Adélie Linux.


The test machine used for this article had an Ubuntu Bionic image installed. /dev/vda1 is root, /dev/vda15 is an as-yet-unexplored EFI System partition.

The simplest way is to boot the 'arm64 rescue' bootscript, reboot the instance, and just run mkfs.ext4 /dev/vda1 on top of the Ubuntu image. Note that this will destroy all data on the volume! Obviously, this is fine if you are setting up a new VPS, but use caution and make sure you're logged in to the right one.


Use DHCP. The driver is built-in to the 4.14 kernel that Scaleway uses, so no modules are required.

Serial console

If you would like to use the "Console" button in the Scaleway control panel, you need to add "ttyAMA0" to /etc/conf.d/gettys. Also ensure the options include "-s" to keep the baud rate set by the control panel. An example /etc/conf.d/gettys may look like:

   GETTYS="tty1 tty2 tty3 tty4 ttyAMA0"