From Adélie Linux

Project De-GNU is an effort to reduce the reliance on GNU tools in the Adélie system.


  • GNU tools are often bloated, with extensions that the vast majority of people do not need or want.

Tools we ship

The following is a list of GNU binaries we ship, and possible replacements.

Binary From package Potential replacements
bash bash dash for /bin/sh, but note abuild needs to be fixed first; zsh for login
bison bison byacc? Other yaccs?
cmp , diff, diff3, sdiff diffutils Heirloom diff
dejagnu dejagnu Test machinery; probably no replacement needed.
ed ed Heirloom ed
find, xargs findutils Heirloom find
grep (and friends) grep Heirloom grep is 100% POSIX/ERE compatible and has {e,f}grep too
groff groff
gzip gzip
help2man help2man Only needed by flex and libtool. Can just be rm'd if/when we replace those.
libtool libtool slibtool
locate, updatedb findutils
m4 m4 autoconf will likely require us to ship GNU m4.
make make
parted parted
patch patch BSD?
sed sed Heirloom sed?
texinfo texinfo Shouldn't be needed in system/ after De-GNU.