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The Desktop Project oversees packages and tooling for running X11 desktop environments on Adélie Linux.

Project members

Desktop environments

This section provides a list of the environments that are currently supported by Adélie Linux, or are in the planning or porting stages to be able to run on a future release of Adélie Linux.


Name Supported Maintainer(s) Since
KDE Plasma 5 ✓ Yes * awilfox 1.0-ALPHA1
OpenBox ✓ Yes none; feel free to take 1.0-ALPHA1
LXQt ✓ Yes * Aerdan 1.0-ALPHA5
IceWM ✓ Yes * Aerdan 1.0-BETA1
Pantheon (elementaryOS) In progress * Aerdan

KDE Plasma 5

KDE Plasma 5 is our premiere desktop environment, and we highly recommend its usage on computers capable of its requirements: 512 MB RAM, OpenGL 2.0 graphics card, and at least 800 MHz CPU.

We ship the latest LTS version of KDE Plasma 5, currently 5.12 as of the time of this writing. Non-LTS versions are not considered. Non-ABI breaking changes for Frameworks are updated bi-monthly (even numbered releases from upstream; 5.46, 5.48, 5.50, ...).

We support most of the KDE Applications; however, some of the lesser-known applications (gcompris, some of the Internet packages, K3b) either don't build properly in the Adélie Linux environment, or are not fully ported to Qt 5. We continue to work with KDE upstream to fix these issues.


OpenBox is planned to be used for the official Horizon environment. It has low memory/resource usage, usable multihead support, and is generally stable on all architectures. This makes it a perfect candidate for Horizon.


LXQt is the preferred desktop environment for computers with lower performance, that cannot run KDE Plasma 5. It is well supported and has a rich feature set while using minimal resources.

Pantheon (elementaryOS)

The elementaryOS desktop environment, named Pantheon, is being ported to Adélie Linux by Aerdan and [[sroracle]].

Intentional omissions

We frequently field requests from people who would like to have their favourite desktop environment ported to Adélie Linux. While we are more than happy to attempt porting software that our users enjoy, due to technical issues, we are currently unable to port the following desktop environments to Adélie. We ask for your understanding; if these projects solve their technical issues, we would be happy to investigate porting them again.


Cinnamon is the desktop environment developed by the Linux Mint project, a fork of GNOME designed to be easy to use and support desktop computing. At the time we last investigated Cinnamon, some dependencies required Python 2. This needs to be re-reviewed, because a lot of libraries have had new releases since then (early 2017).


GNOME 3 components rely on logind, which we do not ship. GNOME 3 is also slowly migrating to libraries that utilise C++17; the Platform Group has, at the time of this writing, no options for a stable C++17 compiler. This precludes GNOME 3 from being included in Adélie Linux.

Wayland-based desktops

Wayland is a non-X11 desktop server technology. It has numerous technical issues that prevent the Adélie Linux project from officially supporting it.

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