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The MIPS architecture is a Tier 2 architecture in Adélie Linux.

Project members


Compatibility list

This list contains computers used by the MIPS team for testing. Not all hardware is working yet. Feel free to use the BTS or mailing list if you encounter issues with Adélie/MIPS.

  • Imagination Creator CI20 32-bit
Kernel not yet bootable. Hardware untestable.
  • SGI Indy 64-bit, BE (R4600, Newport XL graphics)
X11 is working, but unaccelerated (the driver needs to be ported to the new X11 architecture).
The Indy Cam has not yet been tested.
Built-in networking is working. Phobos GIO32 cards haven't been tested.
SCSI appears to work with an external HP ScanJet 5s, but internal SCSI hasn't been tested due to lack of hardware.

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