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Release criteria

Due: 2019-09-24

Wish: 2019-06-11


  • Adélie KDE Theme: ensure red breeze theme is on for new installs


  • Must finish Development Guide.
  • Must finish User's Guide: Plasma Edition.
  • Package handbooks in APK.


  • Actually do the /proc/cmdline parsing landed in beta3


  • Make a "fake" Horizon "shim" using tarballs


  • Write copy for Reddit
    • relevant subreddits: /r/linux /r/powerpc; if we can verify libre and get towards reproduceable builds, talk to mods in /r/security as well
  • Write copy for magazines (maybe press release?)
    • Linux Format
    • LinuxPRO
    • If ARMv7 is stable, Pi Enthusiasts
  • LWN
    • See about being listed on distro page.
    • Submit magazine PR or maybe write one closer to their style?
  • Brainstorm with community about other marketing
    • We have Mastodon (fediverse/pleroma/gnusocial) and Twitter accounts
    • Have our team find local LUGs nearby and propose small talk about release
    • Marketing != advertising. Embrace user privacy and security, don't use ads


  • ConsoleKit 2: Fix segfault
  • Java (OpenJDK) landed in beta3, 2018-02-27
  • PolicyKit: Add policy for udisks2 to allow user disk mounting
  • Rust
    • Beg for arm64 help miraculously landed in beta3 cycle
    • Firefox 68
    • Thunderbird 68


  • HTTP integration.
  • Digraph implementation for simple solver.


  • GCC patch landed in beta3, 2018-03-06
  • Last chance to pass