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Release criteria

Due: 2018-06-04

Wish: 2018-04-27


  • Ensure no "Alpine" strings are user-visible in any package. (This should already be done with the alpha5 Harmony work.) most of this work was done in May; the rest can be done as we hard-fork


  • Discuss whether to use Apps 17.12 or 18.04. 18.04.1 landed 2018-06-07
  • Finish KDE Education packages.
    • Cantor: requires Qalculate and R
    • Kst: FTBFS with gsl landed 2018-05-15
    • KStars: FTBFS on musl: LONG_LONG_MAX
  • Complete KDE Internet packages. landed 2018-05-17


  • -mc8 landed 2018-06-06